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“The VoiceOver industry is not only extremely rewarding creatively, it has also blessed us with financial rewards earning us a multiple six figure career. I’m so grateful that I can give back and show others the steps we took to make this vision a reality!”

Amanda Sellers, Voice Actor and three-time SOVAS Nominee

module 1

Intro to VO industry and course outline

module 2

Getting started with the basics

module 3

Studio tour at home and on site

module 4

The art of creating your voices

Working in the Voiceover industry has given me a lot of pride and appreciation!  It offers such a safe creative outlet with limitless room to grow.  Not to mention, getting paid really well for something that doesn’t even feel at all like work to me!  But most important, is having the ability to be present at home with my wife and 2 boys since they’ve been born. I know a lot of Dad’s don’t get that kind of opportunity and for that…there are no words!

Mike Schurko, Voice Actor and Audio Engineer

Module 5

The what and how of sound treatments

Module 6

The post-production process

Module 7

Building and growing your brand

Module 8

Beyond VO’s (+ Bonus materials)

Voiceover isn’t just for actors.

We have had students from all walks of life in our classes.

Many people without any background in performance find their way to our trainings because they have a desire to get behind the mic!

If you have a desire to use your voice and have an entrepreneurial spirit

then The VoiceOver School is for you!


Student Testimonials

“You are both warm, knowledgeable, professional and have a knack for bringing out the best in people while providing an encouraging environment where it is very easy to learn!”

-Tom J.

“Loved it!!! Thanks for unloading some serious passion on to us. Much love and respect!!!”

– Whitney G.

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