About Us

Amanda Sellers (Mom) and Mike Schurko (Dad) have been working as full-time voiceover artists from home for over 10 years. Their children Beck and Trace Schurko are both up and coming performers in film (Beck) and the voiceover industry.

Amanda and Mike are also teachers to fellow creative entrepreneurs on how to build a successful voiceover career through their in-person classes and online VoiceOver School.

Amanda Sellers

Amanda Sellers is a theatre school graduate who has been working full time as a professional voice talent for over 10 years.

Her clients include Avon, Pepsi, Conair, Cisco, Warner’s bras, Hasbro, Sunny D, Apple, Nike and more! Amanda started her career as a singer/songwriter, releasing 3 albums and touring Canada and the US with her band. She’s spent time behind the mic as a radio DJ and has also spent time in front of the camera for various TV hosting gigs as well. Amanda loves sharing her home based business with her husband Mike who started out as her producer, but is now a full time voice talent. She has 2 young boys, Beck and Trace who keep her busy when she’s not behind the mic!

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Mike Schurko

Mike Schurko has a fluent technical background in audio and video and has been working as a professional voice actor for over 8 years.

Mike has worked for numerous companies such as: Facebook, Twitter, GoPro, Verizon, BurgerKing, Chevron, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Enterprise and Macy’s to name a few. His niche is a relatable ‘guy next door’ sound that can be fun, friendly or emotional but on the flip side also informational and professional in a more formal setting. He has worked on a wide range of VO genres. He also is an experienced audio engineer with a huge gamut of post-production abilities. With top notch quality equipment and extremely fast turn-around times, you can hire Mike with confidence as noted by his impressive feedback over the years.

Beck Schurko

Beck Schurko has a promising acting career both on and off mic! He has been in commercials, animations and feature film (actor) coming 2019.

At the young age of 2 years old, Beck began his work as a voice actor! He loves performing and has worked on a multitude of animations. Beck also is a blossoming screen actor and is currently working on a feature film. 

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Trace Schurko

At 3 years old, Trace Schurko is already showing incredible excitement and ability for performing!

The youngest of The VoiceOver Family, Trace was naturally drawn to the studio booth being around his brother, Mom and Dad. He loves joining in the family adventures and for his young age has a natural gift behind the mic!

Trace’s VO site coming soon!

Some of our happy Clients

work with us

Would you like to hire us for a voiceover job? We have worked with hundreds of clients and have an incredible customer services track record. Combined we have  over two decades of experience working with a multitude of different industries and brands!

Off the Mic as The VoiceOver Family…

Although we record from our home studio on a daily basis (and sometimes production studios, like seen in this photo), we do step outside once in a while! ?

As a family, Palm Springs is one of our favourite places and we try to visit there often!

You’ll regularly find us adventuring and going on family hikes, swimming and exploring the land. We love the outdoors. Beck and Trace both enjoy ongoing acting classes, playing lego, riding bikes, dancing, and when Mom and Dad let them… they love playing games on the iPad! 

Mom loves yoga, reading and finding new ways to keep her creativity flowing while Dad enjoys health, fitness, tech gear and staying as zen as possible through mediation. ?

We also love spending time together with our oldest child… Painter. He’s been part of The Voiceover family for a long time.  He is quite the character and doesn’t have such a bad voice, either, lol!