Oh that? Mike and I are now morning show hosts!

Haha! Just kidding! ?

We were interviewed on the CTV morning show in Saskatoon! This was a part of our mini tour, promoting The VoiceOver Family and our VoiceOver School! We all packed into our Acadia and hit the road across Canada!

Can you tell we’re passionate about The VoiceOver School??? ?

Our boys are surprisingly great travellers and the way they negotiate iPad time, I am hopeful they will make the school debate team in high school ?!

We kept up with our client work using pillow-forts, but also booked out local studios along the way to get things done!

We had the opportunity to visit Grandmas, Grandpa’s, cousins!

We also made a stop on CTV live in Regina!

We hosted a workshop that evening to a group of aspiring VO talents that evening and had an incredible time.

It’s been such an action-packed summer and now that we’re back home, we’re so excited to be gearing up for our next round of our online course You Can Do VoiceOvers!, and getting back into this bustling season of voiceover gigs and #PSL (pumpkin spiced lattes ☕️;) !!!

Now off to the booth!??

See you soon!!!