What do Pee Wee Herman and The VoiceOver Family have in common?

Give up?

(don’t worry, nothing scandalous here …)

We both LOVE the Cabazon Dinosaurs!!! If you’ve ever watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (I’m an 80’s kid- so this was HUGE in my day) you know about the infamous location where he meets Large Marge and hangs out at Diner and Dinosaurs. 

We thought it would be fun to check out these dinosaurs while doing a photo op with our brand new custom t-shirts from Make Vancouver , aren’t they cute?!

“I got sand in my mouth!!!”

The boys loved the Dino Dig area though… Trace did get some sand in his mouth, haha! Momma to the rescue ?!

Mom helping out Trace

But the best part had to be sitting in T-rex’s mouth because it’s the very spot that Pee Wee sat in, haha!

Cabazon is of the many gems around Palm Springs and definitely worth a visit if you want to explore the prehistoric world and also some famous movie memorabilia!

“Tell ‘Em Large Marge Sent Ya!”