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We are a family of voiceover artists and we absolutely love what we do. Being voiceover performers allow us to work from home and spend more time with our family, enjoying life!

Here on TVOF you’ll find behind the scenes of our work as voiceover actors,  our SAH (stay at home) parent life as entrepreneurs and all of our family adventures!

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We want to inspire families to find everyday adventure through play, creativity and working together! 

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Intro to Voiceover Class – Saskatoon

Intro to Voiceover Class – Saskatoon

The VoiceOver Family made the trip to our hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) to teach our Intro to VoiceOver Masterclass! We've held classes in Vancouver and Saskatoon so far and hope to continue teaching to even more students in the coming year. We flew in...

Cabazon Dinosaurs!!!

Cabazon Dinosaurs!!!

What do Pee Wee Herman and The VoiceOver Family have in common? Give up? (don't worry, nothing scandalous here ...) We both LOVE the Cabazon Dinosaurs!!! If you’ve ever watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (I’m an 80’s kid- so this was HUGE in my day) you know about the...